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Creating Online Shopping Experiences

eCommerce website solutions are more than just about showcasing your products to customers and managing inventory. Your website should also increase customer loyalty, integrate with software, and help you make smarter business decisions. Our team specialises in WordPress Development which allows us to customise, grow, and support your eCommerce application.

Customers Often Ask

How can I accept payments online through my local bank?

Can the website integrate with my internal inventory software?

How do we handle the security?

and much more ...

Luova Labs helps monitor and scale your eCommerce website solution

We partner with WordPress to power your e-commerce website. A platform trusted by over 400 million people and organisations.

Seamless Integrations

Connect your CRM, Payment Solutions, accounting or other services with your e-commerce solution.

Smart security

Safegaurd your information with multiple layers without comprising your performance.

Highly Flexible

Techniques used to convert your visitors into customers.

Built for Growth

You wouldn't build a house without a plan would you? A website shouldn't be built without one.

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Our clients say

"The application from Luova Labs took the logistics of our company to the next level, no other company had a similar system ... “​
Andrew Clarke
Ceo & Founder, Adopt A KM
“Working with Luova Labs is pretty great, we have time sensitive development work that directly affects our clients, and Luova Labs gets it done in a timely manner.”
Debbie Miller
Marketing Executive, Platinum Imports