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WordPress Website Maintenance Plans & Pricing

Are you ready to focus more on your business and less on the technical? Our Care plans are crafted just with this in mind. We are your trusted partner in guiding you online with your website.

Premier Care

$294 / month
  • Your website will be kept updated and highly secure with a fully tailored security setup.
  • Website Edits (30 min jobs)
  • Weekly theme & plugin updates
  • Speed & Performance Checks
  • 24/7 Website Enterprise Grade Monitoring
  • Cloud backups - 2x Daily
  • Emergency Support
  • Priority Support
  • Complete malware removal
  • Mobile & Tablet Optimization
  • Google Analytics + Microsoft Clarity Integration
  • 3 Business Days Response

Growth Care

$134 / month
  • The best WordPress maintenance plan for site owners looking for peace of mind.
  • Small Website Updates (30 min jobs)
  • Security Checks & Monitoring
  • Weekly theme & plugin updates
  • Speed & Performance Checks
  • 24/7 Website Monitoring
  • Cloud backups - Daily
  • Emergency Support
  • Priority Support
  • Complete malware removal
  • Mobile & Tablet Optimization
  • Google Analytics + Microsoft Clarity Integration
  • 3-5 Business Days Response

Enterprise Care

$989 / month
  • Great for organizations with goals that require a partner to help them get there.
  • All Features from Premier Care Pro
  • Unlimited website edits
  • Growth Plans that are easy to understand
  • Actionable Analytics Insights
  • Monthly Consulting Sessions
  • Monthly Insight Reports
  • Social Insights
  • SEO Insights
  • Maintenance Dashboard

Need a custom maintenance solution?

No problem, schedule a call with one of our support team members to see how we can fit your needs, bulk pricing, etc.


Most frequent questions and answers

After you have signed up with us. You will have the ability to send us a self-destructing link with your login credentials. We usually use the platform –

Nope, your hosting provder does not matter at all. Our team works with anybody regardless of their hosting provider. Every website will have it’s specific requirements and of course that attracts various providers and budget is apart of it. We totally understand. If you’re interested in upgrading, schedule a call with one of our Support Members.

Our care plans each cover one single site. If you have multiple sites as subdomains of a site (e.g. and they still count as separate sites. If you have 3 websites that you’d like us to manage, you’ll need 3 plans, one for each site. You are more than welcome to choose different plans for each website.

Unlimited edits do include edits to content, changing plugin settings and CSS adjustments. They do not included custom development (PHP, plugins, themes, etc), updating custom code, graphic design, PSD to WordPress or building out a new website or subdomain.

Your website doesn’t sleep and neither should your support. Our team is distributed which means we work from around the globe! This gives us the ability to provide 24/7 service. If your website crashes at 3am on a Sunday morning, someone on our team will be notified within a few minutes, the issue will be addressed and your site will be back up immediately.

Here are a few reasons why we schedule updates weekly and not daily:

  1. Sometimes plugin updates have bugs when they are released. Updating less frequently allows the plugin developer to get rid of these bugs before we add them to your WordPress site.
  2. Batching these updates leads to an easier manual review. That in turn means a lower probability that something bad will happen or break your website.
  3. We’ll be doing all these updates on the weekend when most websites receive less traffic. This provides a safer environment and minimal issues /downtime for your visitors.

Ofcourse, when it comes to major updates for plugins like WooCommerce we make exceptions. We’ll make these updates a bit more slowly to ensure that your website remains running smoothly without any hiccups.

We will connect your website, social media platform (Facebook), Google Analytics & Google My Business to our internal AI system which shows us how to quickly grow your website traffic & revenue.

You don’t need a PhD in analytics to understand how your website is performing for your business. We’ll provide simple, high-impact analysis, reporting, and visuals to let you know how you are doing and most importantly what to do next.

Simplicity is key but understanding Facebook metrics can be a bit overwhelming. We fetch all the data from your Facebook insights and put it into an easy to read and understand format to help you improve your Facebook performance.

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“Working with Luova Labs is pretty great, we have time sensitive development work that directly affects our clients, and Luova Labs gets it done in a timely manner.”
Debbie Miller
Marketing Executive, Platinum Imports