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What is Web Customer Experience? Part I

What is customer experience

When you think about the experience your customers are receiving, what do you think about?

When I think about customer experience, I think about how customers interact with a business. In a delightful way from the first interaction to building and fostering a strong relationship.

It’s almost like walking into an Apple store, the atmosphere is right, the lighting is perfect, the product screams quality. In addition the service from the team combined together makes an exceptional experience.

Think, Prepare, Take Action

But this is no accident. Way before apple was ever in a mall, Steve Jobs spent so much time perfecting the environment a customer walking in should experience. He actually spent months building different prototypes for the store.

Check out this article for more info on how Steve Jobs did it.


This physical experience is what we help transfer online to businesses.  Especially those who are online only and don’t have a brick N motor setup.

Offline vs Online

There is fierce competition online and offline, store fronts are decked out strategically to attract the people walking. This entices potential customers to come in. Similar to online everyone is trying to attract and get your customers attention. However, they maybe selling similar to very different products from you.

So your website first impression is very important. It should be optimized to give value by helping customers make that decision which is – your product is right for them.

Needy is Creepy
Needy is Creepy

Don’t Be Needy – Needy is Creepy

After attracting them inside step 1 is complete. Now they are in the engage phase. This part is very crucial because too much at once can cause your potential customers to run away. You want them to know assistance is there whenever they are ready.

Ever been to a website and its flooded with adverts, or there is something popping up constantly trying to get your attention to purchase a product? Comment below let me know how you feel about that.

As they browse around the store all of your products and services are laid out in a super easy manner. This way its easy for your customers to digest the content and convert much quicker.

This could include:

  • Customer reviews.
  • How the products adds value to a client so benefits and features.
  • Live Chat Features -So the potential client can ask questions.
  • FAQs.
  • Certifications
  • Guarantees

Now as we can see a lot of situations that occur offline also occur online. But as we get further you’ll discover the areas that most businesses fall down in.

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