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What are your Online Business Standards for your Website?

The team had just finished wrapping up a meeting when we received a call from a potential customer saying they needed to switch over immediately to our new system as their system (from the previous provider) was just compromised. At stake? Their reputation, ad revenue, client loss and that was only the start of it.

Their website service provider did not have systems in place to – scan the system regularly as it is high traffic, check on the performance of the application to make sure it is performing at optimum standard, there was also no security scanning and system maintaining. All of the right components for a disaster waiting to happen. Having all of these issues in your businesses website can be catastrophic and should never be allowed to occur. On the other hand, having just one alone can also damage certain components of your business either in the form of client loss, loss reputation and that relationship built up over time with your customers now has to be rebuilt.

So what next? The system was given to us with full access but with tons of abuse, malware was everywhere like a cancer intertwined with the database.

The team began by quickly building out and finalizing the templating structure which would be displayed as the new UI for its users. When compared to the code handed down, most of it had been developed in a static method and offered very little flexibility to the website admin. The design previously also offered very low sales conversion from both internal ads and Google Ads. In fact, there was absolutely no control over where ads could be placed. So if you placed an ad is a specific ad slot, it would show up on the front page and the inside pages.

With the new design being implemented, we focused on giving the customer much more value that would allow the relationship to grow strong and we also increased the ability to book more space with extreme flexibility and control by over 4X. However, we didn’t stop there, the new design was developed on a mobile responsive framework which would make the user experience even better than before.

With a fresh system ready to be populated with tons of data, we setup our system, from our servers right up we analyze and monitor the performance and behavior of our environments. This gives us great insight into how our clients customers will and are currently viewing them. Using this data we also generate analytics reports for our clients to keep them abreast of how their business is doing online. Included in this report as well are uptime monitoring statistics to show if your website went down or not during the month. Currently our servers are online 99.9% of the time guaranteed due to our secure infrastructure.

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