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The Value of Your Website Strategy

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Your website strategy is basically a plan on how your website and social media platforms all work together for your benefit.

A website visitor is worth so much more than a Facebook or Instagram visitor, but why is that? Yes, you can use these platforms to drive visitors to your website, create content and get attention, but your website is the main platform that is at the centre of it all.

If your website has a well done website strategy powering it, potential customers will have opportunities to be nurtured and converted into paying customers.

Unlike Facebook, Instagram and other platforms, your website can easily help build a trusting relationship with customers. It does this by providing impactful and targeted content, social proof, resources and lead magnets. With social platforms you can put this content up but that content gets pushed down under other content.

What is another thing that a website has on social media?

Your website doesn’t have as much distraction as Facebook and Instagram. These social media pages have constant post updates, ads, notifications, suggestions and the list goes on.

When the potential customer is channeled to your website, this allows you to control the experience 100%. No distractions besides their current life and other tabs. From here a good design can keep customers for a minute or so. A strategy, however, will not only keep customers but it will make them interested in getting more information.

With that said, Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms are great for getting attention and trafficking customers. But you need another platform to traffic customers to and then convert. This is one of the reasons your website strategy is so important.

Not to mention, what happens when social media accounts have a black out and become totally unaccessible? Or what happens when the rules are changed and your business is left to suffer until you figure out how to win again with that platform. With a website strategy, there is a win win for you and your business, it is the best of all worlds.

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