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Uncover secret tips on getting ahead to grow your small business

As a small business owner, you don’t have the time and resources that a big enterprise company would. So how do you grow your small business without the PR, the marketing or a client relations team?

With the internet advancing so rapidly today, you now have access to many tools. These tools are available either for free or for a pretty low price per month. These tools allow the playing field to become somewhat level, giving you the opportunity to compete like never before.

With that said, if you are a small business owner, you should have a tool stack. But what does this include? Your tool stack should incorporate software for sales, marketing and customer success.

Now incase you are wondering about how tedious it would be to have a ton of tools for many different task. We recommend that you find software to complete more than one of these tasks. It should also have the ability to integrate easily with your website and it should also be easy to use for you and your team.

Big companies appear to be doing it all, but they aren’t so why should you. Here is an idea of what tool stacks allow you to do.

Do More through Automation and save time.

Automate & Save Time

Automate task to grow your business rapidly and easily without giving up too much time!

Imagine being in 10 places at the same time, reaching out to your target audience on various platforms, following up with clients and much more without even feeling stretched or stressed. This maybe impossible as a single human but with software you can make this happen.

Not only will software make this happen but it will give your business the appearance of a professional establish business supported by a team!

With software mentioned a little later you can create personalised content to feed your audience and then schedule it to be posted over days, weeks and months to various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and whatever other platforms you are on.

You can even automate welcome emails for new customers, review & referral emails or abandon cart emails and the list goes on!

These simple automations allow you to save so much time and get more done.

Measure and Improve using tools like analytics.

Measure & Improve

What gets measured gets improved!

Often times when having sessions with customers and we are trying to figure out the stats on their business, their web presence or social media presence, however, it is hard to get accurate details because some businesses just don’t measure tasks, marketing strategies and customer success rates. And if they do, they may not be doing it correctly.

Having a tool to execute task and provide accurate metrics is essential. By measuring stats like your website conversion and bounce rates, depending on your results, you can figure out why customers are leaving early or not following through to the checkout.

There are a few tools that can be used including analytics. Analytics tools like Google Analytics allow you to easily gather this information but you will need to set it up right.

We are obsessed with our customers and as a result, our customers customers. Because of this we use user scroll and heat maps, session replays and much more to better understand the behaviour of customers and how to provide them with the greatest experience possible.

Read more about what we think about Customer Experience here.

Get to know your customers better

Know Your Customers Better

Some of the best ways to learn more about your market and customers are through customer analysis and customer calls. Yes, it is that simple! We keep up with all of our customers to see:

  • How they are doing
  • what is the impact our service is having,
  • how they can improve and also
  • how we can improve.

Customer calls give us tremendous amounts of insights into understanding how we are actually doing. They also help us build up more revenue by turning those calls into testimonials. These testimonials then act as social proof to potential customers to showcase our service.

In our web strategy sessions with our customers, we recommend and implement some of the following tools such as:

Of course some tools change depending on the business but we have found these are the most common in helping to grow businesses. We also use these tools in our day to day to help us provide an amazing experience to our customers.

If are you currently using these tools, drop a comment below and let us know how these tools are helping you and your company get to the next level and increase revenue.

Don’t have any any of these tools, no worries! Just get started with one of the them or feel free to reach out to us.

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