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Software Transformation for “NYOB” Businesses

It’s amazing that with so much technology surrounding us, brick and mortar companies still find it possible to create businesses built on processes which involve little to no technology. Even though it can be argued that a lot of companies do incorporate a lot of technology there is still a vast majority of small to medium size companies that don’t.

Some of these companies are run by an older generation that rely on good old word-of-mouth or physical media for advertising and may have the regular quickbooks setup. But this isn’t enough, is it?

Businesses are vehicles that get us from A to B and depending on the business we can get there in 6 months, 6 years and sometimes never unfortunately. Before we go on a path or while on a path we should know everything that’s going on, one would not start a journey on an empty tank and an overheating radiator. So why start / continue running a business without the right software tools that help you to monitor and improve your process.

Having a business today without a website to be discovered or even without accounting or customer management software can lead to total chaos. We term companies like these “NYOB” Businesses. They may lack that online presence and/or the internal software setup that makes life easy.

So how do we get there? How do we get “Not Yet Online Businesses” (NYOB) into the world of technology to improve and streamline their operations.

Some companies show the NYOB-ness on the outside by having zero web presence whereas others are a bit more harder to discover. Perhaps it’s a nearby mom-n-pop business, a manufacturer, a deli and the list is endless.

Getting these businesses out into the technology era comes through prototyping and this is where the fun begins. Showing companies how they can create a better brand online and how to better represent their data in a way that more analysis can be applied to it and also more knowledge can be extrapolated form it.

These days with the rise of technology, almost every business must become a software business in order to really compete and go to the next level. There is some part of the business that can always be improved with technology. Take for example, a manufacturer of a superb product however there is no website where customers can share their feedback or discover more products. Here it is clear that the lost of exposure and cross selling is in abundance. In fact it is in times like these when competitors with a website often have the opportunity to acquire those customers.

Now what if they do have a website, what about their internal process, how do they manage certain processes such as client relationships with resellers and direct customers and how is that relationship maintained and optimized. Perhaps some of them maybe still using spreadsheets and that comes with its list of limitations as the company grows. The possibilities for incorporating various types of technology are vast.

Working with numerous companies coming out of the spreadsheet era, customized software is born. Business owners get the opportunity to actually discover the data their company holds, but that is not the best part.Business owners get to see their data come to life by having it represented in visual ways, data can also be entered into the system quicker through the use of simple computer intuition and AI. When data input time is reduced by over 60%, businesses now have more time to understand their own data and analyze it.

At Luova Labs, we have worked with companies where they have been doing mundane tasks that literally take over an hour and the amount of repetition in what they do is time-draining but this is the norm. After implementing software we have transformed the way they do business through automation and intuition.

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