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Why you shouldn’t sell products / services?

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You are probably saying what the heck is this guy talking about. Everyone sells products, all of the big brands like Nike, Apple, Microsoft and the list goes on. However, I’ll counter you with no, none of these big brands sell products. What do you mean? These companies have figured out that their clients will spend more money and also get their friends to spend money when they sell the best thing that comes before selling products. Take a few seconds to think about what this could be ….


If you said EXPERIENCE, you are 100% correct, lets think about this for a second, why would thousands of people line up for hours to purchase phones, why does Nike invest so much in advertising using popular celebrities, why do high end company advertisements appear to be about so much things other than what they physically offer or provide. If it is a really good experience, you can bet it will appeal to all 5 of your clients senses.

These big mega brands are selling the experience, that feeling of “I have one of the first”, the feeling of identifying with their favorite celebrity etc. The bottom line is, clients are humans like you and me and as humans we all have 6 needs that we live by that have to be fulfilled. But lets drill down into the one need that can propel your business today perhaps the most which is “significance”, according to Tony Robbins, “people will pay disproportionately to feel significant than for any other need.”

Golden Tip – It doesn’t always take money to create an experience but rather some creativity.

Of course, this won’t work if you are selling a shitty product, but if your product is good, let us see how we can create an experience and charge more money. How can you provide more value to your clients than anyone else is doing right now. It’s simple, I can give you an answer but there are so many industries and markets out there that one answer just won’t fit them all. Sooo …, how do you figure it out, you ask the person you want to add value to, your client. Listen, when some clients have the opportunity to give you feedback and tell you directly what they think about your product and how you can improve, they will give you the ideas and even tons of marketing solutions to appeal more to people like them, their friends and even their competitors.

Golden Tip – How can you increase the level of experience within your company? Answer this and you are guaranteed to have the ability to increase you price.

The feedback you are seeking can be in the form of a personal call or a survey form online – I prefer personal calls however, it builds a better connection, better response, brings more information and you can dig deeper with even more questions you may not have anticipated because the client is opening up to you. Even doing this simple action alone, adds value and creates an experience itself.

Ask yourself, when is the last time someone called you and asked about a product you purchased and how they could improve their experience with you?

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