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Improving your customer & team relationships through data?

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Data is everywhere today, our businesses are surrounded by it and it comes in many forms as well. Every transaction made, web site visit, ad click, ebook download, customer call provides us with insight that can be used and manipulated to help us better understand our audience. However, most businesses don’t tap in and capitalise on the wealth that can be found from this data.

I have helped many companies build stronger relationships with their clients and their internal team by reusing data just sitting in storage on the computer doing nothing.

How much do you really know about your customer?

Taking the simplest data perhaps in an excel spreadsheet and visualizing it for your clients allows you to get better insights not only about how your business helps your clients, but WHY your clients truly seek out your services. Understanding your clients pain points or understanding how your team communicates can show you ways to improve those relationships which lead to improved sales and team work.

So … How are you using your data to improve your business?

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