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Improving your customer & team relationships through data?

Data is everyday today, our businesses are surrounded by it and it comes in many forms as well. Every transaction made, web site visit, ad click, ebook download, customer call provides us with insight that can be used and manipulated to help us better understand our audience. However, most businesses don’t tap in and capitalize […]

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What are your Online Business Standards for your Website?

The team had just finished wrapping up a meeting when we received a call from a potential customer saying they needed to switch over immediately to our new system as their system (from the previous provider) was just compromised. At stake? Their reputation, ad revenue, client loss and that was only the start of it. […]

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Why businesses trust us to build software that advances them and solves their problems.

Whether it is a piece of software or a new building to be erected, architecture is important and it is the foundation for what is to come, get it correct and the project is given the opportunity to be magnificent, get it wrong, however, and there maybe a crash around the corner. So when we […]

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Software Transformation for “NYOB” Businesses

It’s amazing that with so much technology surrounding us, brick and mortar companies still find it possible to create businesses built on processes which involve little to no technology. Even though it can be argued that a lot of companies do incorporate a lot of technology there is still a vast majority of small to […]

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