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Ad Agency advances the norm of customer interaction.

A one-of-a-kind ad platform tailored for highway advertising.


Being an Ad Agency company can be difficult, especially in terms of how you manage and interact with your clients. We helped our client to revolutionize the way customers viewed their advertisements.

The advertisement platform has allowed our client to save on client call time by 30% and easily manage their ad locations without physically going out to them.

The ad agency teamed up with Luova Labs to solve issues in their customer experience and management processes. Customers would call almost everyday to find out where their advertisements were located, as a result this took up a lot of valuable management time. Their management of the entire system was also done via excel which made it difficult to data out of this type of system.

Approach & Solution

After we understood the complete process, we envision a smart and systematic experience that would integrate with the company and their customers simply. A custom platform featuring a mobile application and a web application which would cut down on customer call time providing a more automated and interactive experience for the customer.

Using the web application, customer could not only see where their current advertisements were placed but they also got a visual of how it looked in its environment. The customer could now also keep track of how many advertisements they had with the company and make request for new placements.


Being the leader in outdoor advertisements, the company was able to offer this unique platform to current and potential customers as a feature when working with the company, this allowed them to secure an edge ahead of other advertisement agencies. The system also allowed the management team to get a wholistic view of what was going on with there ad placements – in regards to payments, open placements, recurring clients etc.

One of the great parts of the system that their customers loved was the ability to view there advertisement in its physical location along with the environment around it. From here clients could also request the  physical location and get directions to the particular placement.


With the implementation of this custom platform into the company, it allowed the ad agency to be on the cutting-edge. It has also made the relationships with their customers much stronger.

“The application from Luova Labs took our company to the next level, no other company had a similar system, they were all still using paper and there wasn’t any feedback going to the customer, this application brought total transformation to the way we handled our client relationships. The customers got regular interactive feedback, we also used it to stay in touch with our clients and to keep a strong relationship going with them.” – Andrew Clarke, Manager of Adopt-A-KM

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