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To advance their brand and get ahead of their current competition. MIS teamed up with Luova Labs to create an online experience that would allow its customers to better connect with its brand and to also increase its brand presence online.


MIS realized that their online presence could be improved as they were relying solely on Facebook and Instagram to connect with customers and get their brand out there. They set out to make their presence more known and efficient, by creating a web experience which would be inclusive of new content and features to capture its audience.

The company worked with Luova Labs to bring its vision of an full scale online brand experience to life through an e-commerce solution that would meet the demands of the customers – to discover more about MIS and their full range of products. The solution was released in 3 months with close to 200 products, featuring 20 recipes and growing by the week.

With this online solution MIS has spread its reach to 10 countries outside of where it manufactures and has been also able to bring an engaging experience to over 2100 unique visitors so far with the ability to continually grow through marketing campaigns.

After teaming up, Luova Labs has been able to help MIS Products build a stronger online brand presence with its customer base. This first successful solution will now allow MIS to grow and continue to advance in their connections with its customers by providing greater transformations in the near future.

“Before the project started, we could clearly see the value we would have received from having this online solution because Luova provided a prototype. Then after the website was launched, it definitely impacted the business, we have for sure received more attention in regards to our products and more people are reaching out to us asking about them.”

– Kesi Pilgrim, MIS Products Limited Manager

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