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Why businesses trust us to build software that advances them and solves their problems.

Whether it is a piece of software or a new building to be erected, architecture is important and it is the foundation for what is to come, get it correct and the project is given the opportunity to be magnificent, get it wrong, however, and there maybe a crash around the corner.

So when we think about architecture, what comes to mind? Structures, building blocks, beams and the list goes on. In the software world we think about Use Cases, User Stories, Wire Framing and Requirements. But thats getting into detail, what does it actually represent?


Architecture is both the process and the product of planning, designing, and constructing buildings or any other structures.

One of the first processes we go through at Luova Labs, is to gather all of the information from the client regarding first how they envision the idea, how they currently do the particular task (if its not new), what is the goal / end result / purpose of the idea, what does it achieve basically and what are the expectations of it. We use this to get a wholistic view of what is being requested of us. Using this information we convert this into a requirements document where we outline both the critical and business needs etc.

At this stage, we develop a thorough understanding of the problem at hand and the impact it currently has or will have upon the business.

“The problem contains the solution.”

Michael Bierut

Along with this information we also start to develop first draft concept design of what the user interface and experience should be like taking into consideration of course the users using the system on a regular basis. Two of these together allows us to get an idea of average time required to complete the project properly and an approximation of the total cost including 3rd party software we may need to license or purchase.

Even at this point the project is still in its elementary stages. Depending on the project and the type of client we may do a prototype giving them an even more realistic idea of what they can expect. The user interface is there, the feel of the app is there along with some functionality. Of course, this is not the final stage for the UI, the UX or the functionality, just a taste.

Once the client is happy with the result and has seen an idea and the quality of the end result, the development of the project begins.

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