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We are a Web Development & SEO Firm serving Barbados and the Caribbean.

Are you having problems getting new customers into your business? Luova Labs helps to bridge the gap by offering a suite of solutions that are unique to your business growth. By using a mixture of website design, remarketing, local SEO and content marketing, we are confident that we can help your business to attract new customers and leads.

We Build Beautiful SEO Optimized Websites

Optimised & Strategy-Based.

Luova Labs is an all in one web development and seo firm. We build websites that make your customers say “WOW” coupled with website traffic from people currently searching for your product. Luova Labs will get you in front of the right person, at the right time, with an image so professional that your brand perception and reputation is immediately increased.

Website Design & Development by Luova Labs | Example of a client website - Lemongrass Barbados Restaurant with a responsive website

We help you get in front of the right people online using digital marketing

Build Your Brand Awareness

Luova Labs will research, develop, implement and manage a digital campaign to help your business to capture more customers online. We do this with Local SEO, Google Ads & Content Marketing.

We help you get more leads into your business.

Capitalise on Every Customer

It’s super important that when a new customer comes onto your website, that the experience and the  landing page maximises on the opportunity. Our certified experts will craft a strategy to make sure this happens.

Sell your products & services online with 24/7 exposure

We give your website the power it needs with unfair advantages

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"The application from Luova Labs took the logistics of our company to the next level, no other company had a similar system ... “​
Andrew Clarke
Ceo & Founder, Adopt A KM
“Working with Luova Labs is pretty great, we have time sensitive development work that directly affects our clients, and Luova Labs gets it done in a timely manner.”
Debbie Miller
Marketing Executive, Platinum Imports

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